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Migraines and Mailbox Money

Mandy Mobley was in the best shape of her life a few years ago. She was working out three times a week at a gym and was slender and healthy. Then she started getting dizzy spells and migraine headaches and became frequently fat...

New smog readings for the Metroplex paint a depressing picture. Courtesy Justin Cozart

Notice How Much Cleaner the Air Is?

We didn’t think so.
If air pollution worsens and nobody hears a sound from state regulators, do we still get asthma? OK, so it’s a bad joke, but without Texas’ citizen environmental watchdogs, you’d never know why pilots have visibility prob...


Molly the Longhorn Needs a Gas Mask

Do you think members of the Fort Worth City Council ever look around, sniff the air, read the stories about people getting nosebleeds and turning up with gas-drilling chemicals in their blood and moving out of town because of g...

Gas Drillers Sent To Principal’s Office

Jeff Prince
Channel 8 came out with an interesting report today about the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) summoning gas drilling executives down to Austin and cracking the whip. Seems the state has finally decided to regul...