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Republicans, We Hardly Know Ye

I’m curious — what has happened to the Republican Party? After all, these are the people who like to tell Americans they are the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and even to some extent, George H. W. Bush (the s...

(All photos by Jeff Prince)

Local Freedom Lovers Wave Flags, Signs On I-30 Overpass

Jeff Prince
Regardless of how you feel about impeaching President Obama, give these four people credit: Standing out in the blazing sun on a highway overpass and holding signs for hours on end to remind everyone about the anniversaries of ...



If it weren’t for bad news, there’d have been no news at all for the White House.
When Barack Obama writes his memoir, May of 2013 probably won’t rate as his favorite month. Even though the Texas Legislature was nearing the end of its tangled session when he visited, he may wish he’d spent a couple more ...