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Louisianians Don’t Know Scary-Ugly

Jeff Prince
Some fans of the National Basketball Association’s New Orleans Pelicans think the team mascot is ugly and rather sinister looking. USA Today called Pierre the Pelican “terrifying” when the mascot debuted in Oc...


Howdy, Skinflints! Big Tex Donations Small

Jeff Prince
The $95,000 in donations made to the Big Tex rebuilding fund seems mighty piddly considering the huge outpouring of grief, sentiment, and nostalgia after the iconic figure went up in flames last October. The replacement cost is...

BIG TEX (photo by traveling fools of america).

Howdy, Blown Opportunity: Big Tex To Return The Same

Jeff Prince
Look at that picture of Big Tex. I mean really look at it. Imagine that Big Tex had never been seen before, and State Fair of Texas officials decided to install a new mascot at the front gate this year. The day of the big unvei...


Big Tex Burns (30 Years Too Late)

Jeff Prince
A native North Texan such as myself could be considered profane for saying good riddance to an iconic mascot such as Big Tex. It’s blasphemous. But when news spread about Big Tex going up in blazes this morning, my first ...