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Kelly Clarkson On Idol This Week

Jeff Prince
American Idol is teetering toward inanity this season after a promising start. The new judges who were so strong in the early episodes have evolved into boring cheerleaders with nothing to say. The guest performers, including D...

Super Bowl’s Musical Ouch

Jeff Prince
During the Civil War, the Northern troops burned crops on Southern plantations but didn’t bother with the fields of black-eyed peas. Northerners considered the peas as cattle food — inedible to humans.¬†Black-eyed p...

Will Super Bowl National Anthem Be Yodeled?

Jeff Prince
Associate editor Anthony Mariani declared¬†the Black Eyed Peas as overcooked and inedible for tomorrow’s Super Bowl halftime stage. I’m not particularly a fan of the Peas but I’ve seen them perform on various ...

Black Eyed Peas + SB45 Halftime = Bathroom Break

Anthony Mariani
Slated to perform during halftime of Super Bowl XLV between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, the Black Eyed Peas, let it be known, are the worst, most unforgivable, most immoral human beings ever purporting to be ...

Super Bowl Halftime Show Needs New Blood

Jeff Prince
The Super Bowl is infamous for trotting out geezers during its halftime show (McCartney, the Stones, Prince, Petty, and Springsteen), but this year they went younger with the Black Eyed Peas. Still, the Peas aren’t all th...