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BEYONCE (still from "Formation" video)

Some Police Won’t Get In ‘Formation’ For Beyonce

Jeff Prince
Police associations are saying nay nay to Bey Bey. But are they just being childish? Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl was deemed anti-police, putting her on the sh*t lists of various law enforcement groups. Why is that...

Boycott? Whaddya Got?

Jeff Prince
Regular reader(s) of Blotch know all about how I boycotted the Texas Rangers in 2002 after they dumped Pudge Rodriguez, but then rescinded my boycott yesterday after the team signed him to come back home. Which means I have a s...

A Day Without (Blank)

Jimmy Fowler
If you noticed something has been missing today, then you can thank (straight) men’s interest websites like Asylum, which helped instigate a 24 hour blackout against rampant news coverage of a certain self-promoting, bisexual...