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World Cup Update (The Semifinal Edition)

Kristian Lin
USA went out of the World Cup in the last round, but the tournament marches on toward its end, and so does my blogging about it. Let’s get to the questions. What do we learn from the quarterfinal games? Belgium and France had...


My Conveniently Sized World Cup Preview

Kristian Lin
I could easily blog 1,500 words on all 32 of the teams in the World Cup, but since I don’t want to drive my editors insane by forcing them to read all that verbiage, I’m confining my preview of the whole tournament to 1,500...

Pompeii at the British Museum screens at at 7:30pm at various movie theaters Wed, Sept 25.

Night & Day

WED ▪ 25 It has been almost 2,000 years since a volcano buried the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in molten ash, preserving buildings and artifacts in almost pristine shape. You can see the results in Pompeii at the ...

Andre Ramiro in "Elite Squad: The Enemy Within"

DVD Review: “Elite Squad: The Enemy Within”

Kristian Lin
The other particularly notable film coming out on DVD this week is Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, a Brazilian cop thriller that made my list of last year’s 10 best movies. Hardly anyone else picked it for end-of-year awar...

Café Brazil: Trad Diner Goodness

Dozens of coffees and a 200-plus-item menu make this new TCU-area diner a hot spot.
Café Brazil is not one of those churrascarias, where sultry, gaucho-clad waiters serve meat from large sticks. The distinction is important. This Fort Worth diner on West Berry Street in the spot formerly occupied by Los Vaque...