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Dancing With The Graceless TV Pundit? No Thanks

Jeff Prince
“Dancing With The Stars” rarely graces my TV screen because I have no desire to watch pseudo-celebrities dance. The show will absolutely never grace my TV this season out of fear that CNN legal pundit Nancy Grace...

The Situation: Sarah Palin Booed

Jeff Prince
Sarah Palin’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars last night drew a mixed response from the audience. She’s a lightning rod simultaneously loved and loathed, just like George W. Bush or Barack Obama. The important ...

Dancing with DeLay

When ABC announced earlier today that former Texas Congressman Tom Delay would be a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars,” we knew some would have a political field day. And right on cue, The Lone Star Project – a Washin...

Playmaker, Iceman Set To Dance

Jeff Prince
One of the baddest men to ever don a Dallas Cowboys uniform, Michael Irvin, and one of the baddest men to ever take a breath, Chuck Liddell, have agreed to look like fools on national TV. They’re among the just-announced cele...