Sarah Palin’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars last night drew a mixed response from the audience. She’s a lightning rod simultaneously loved and loathed, just like George W. Bush or Barack Obama.

The important thing is how she carries herself, what she says, and, more importantly, what she does.


Modern Lights

So forget about the booing and focus on Palin’s interview. Think about what she says, how she carries herself. Then think about everything she’s done since quitting as governor to go on a book tour and make millions.

The Palin Effect

See if you can find one presidential thing about her.


  1. Half-term Sarah only needs to be smarter than her not-so-smart fringe fans, which is not hard. They can’t figure out that they are having their buttons pushed in order to bump up ratings and book sales so Half-term Sarah and the other right-wing talkers who employ the same techniques can become millionaires. P.T. Barnum was right.

  2. Gorgeous Gov. Sarah Palin was never ‘booed’ on DWTS. Her talented daughter is driving the show’s ratings, and Sarah commands the respect & devotion of the audience.

  3. Talented? At what? Dancing. Hardly. Getting pregnant? Okay, yes. I’ll give you that.

    Sarah Palin gets the amount of respect she deserves.

  4. Fort Worth Weekly! Refudiate this slanderous blog entry at once! Patriotic True Americans who watch “Dancing With the Stars” are among gorgeous Sarah Palin’s most fervent admirers and would NEVER boo her or her brilliantly gifted daughter! It’s obvious that Jeff Prince is a socialist Fartbama sympathizer and considers him the “president”. Well, there are many of us who regard Palin as our real president and consider her “tweets” the law of the land! I’ll never buy another copy of your communist propaganda rag again!

  5. Hey PalinAmerican. Interesting comment and good luck with your rallying to have Palin take over the world. One note: If you were buying a copy of the Weekly, which is free, I figure you have given us a clear snapshot on how Palin and your party will tackle our economic problems in the future. Well done soldier.

  6. Day 3, and no correction or clarification from Mr. Prince.

    Legitimate news organizations have been honest in their reportage, why not the FWW?

    Grain of Salt Weekly, apparently.

  7. Obama’ Seat! Thank you for continuing to monitor this scurrilous blog! It’s still obvious that Prince and his comrades at the “Fort Worth Workers Party Weekly” are nothing but anti-American pinko shills!

  8. No, that’s not obvious at all.

    What is obvious is that Mr. Prince should have titled the entry “I don’t like Sarah Palin”, instead of using a misleading, factually questionable head. It’s unprofessional and immature.

  9. I’m sure you did, JS, and i’m proud of you, but the issue was her appearance at DWTS.

    ABC and CNN have a slightly different take on the available evidence than Mr. Prince’s headline would suggest, he seems more certain than other news organizations.

    But this is an “Alt” weekly, and political orientation will be reflected in reportage.

    I just wanted to see if Mr. prince would follow traditional practices of journalism and at least qualify his headline, the word “allegedly” would be appropriate. But it seems personal or institutional bias rules the day, hereabouts.