“Dancing With The Stars” rarely graces my TV screen because I have no desire to watch pseudo-celebrities dance.

The show will absolutely never grace my TV this season out of fear that CNN legal pundit Nancy Grace‘s big mouth, grating voice, graceless personality, and overall ugliness might prompt me to dance out in front of a speeding semi-diesel truck. She is among the “stars” expected to be named tonight as a new cast member of “Dancing.”

Grace made a spectacle of herself by going on ABC’s morning TV show and bashing, berating, and all but convicting Casey Anthony for weeks during the “tot mom’s” murder trial. Anthony was eventually acquitted. I don’t give two hoots about Anthony, but I almost became supportive of her during her trial after listening to Grace’s incessant condemnations.


  1. geez, I’m not a huge fan of Nancy Grace, but she was stating the obvious with Casey Anthony, as she has done with many other cases. Who stands up for victims in this day & age of high profile, high priced attorneys?
    I’d much rather see her than Jose Baez & his team

  2. It’s odd to become “supportive” of a criminal defendant based on your reaction to a commentator, rather than the evidence presented.

    Keep a print-out of this post, it’ll get you out of jury duty from here on in.

  3. If Nancy is dancing with the stars, they have to have someone for that star-guy because Nancy certainly is not a star. She’s a contributor of suicide of victims for sure. And how many years near-daily was Nancy wrong about the Casey Anthony case? Over three years near-nightly. Baez will soon own HLN and Nancy Grace.

  4. You know what, some of you people can’t handle the truth. The truth is that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter to tramp around, and Nancy Grace just made it public. Whether it was for 3 years or 3 days, the tramp was guilty, and Nancy Grace did Caylee justice by bringint out the truth. And I will watch her on DWTS

  5. The truth is that Casey Anthony did not murder her daughter, as proven in court, so she could tramp around, and Nancy Grace just made it public that Nancy is wrong again. Whether it was for 3 years or 3 days, the tramp-Nancy is guilty, and Casey Anthony did Caylee justice by bringing out the truth. And I will not watch her fatass on DWTS either. She will jiggle like a bowl of jello because she is morbidly obese.