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It’s Not Nice to Backhand the Supremes

Julia Trigg Crawford, manager of her family’s Red’Arc farm just outside of Paris, has been at war with TransCanada ever since the gigantic Canadian energy company decided to take a slice of her northeast Texas farm via emin...


Don’t Tell it to This Marine

Once the stuff gets on you, it’s hard to get off. The “stuff” is tar sands bitumen, the hydrocarbon that TransCanada is working on bringing down from Alberta, Canada, to Houston’s refineries and from there to Port Arthu...


Your Land is My Land …

Keystone pipeline company runs roughshod over Texas landowners – and maybe Texas law.
When someone from the TransCanada company asked the Crawford family in 2008 about an easement to lay pipeline across their farm on the Texas bank of the Red River, the family wasn’t interested. The Crawfords thought that woul...

Hypocricy Thy Name Is Rick Perry

Jeff Prince
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram article on the 11 propositions passed by voters yesterday contained a quote that would be funny ha-ha if it weren’t so funny weird/tragic. The story describes how Texans stood tall in favor of pro...