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Facebooked Solid

I’d venture that for the same reason festivals are popular for national acts, festivals are popular for our regional/local brethren/sistren. Increased exposure for bands. Increased exposure for concertgoers. It’s a win-win....

rock thrower

Rock And Roll At The Velvet Box

Jeff Prince
The woman in this security camera photo seemed to be having a good time along the 7th Street entertainment corridor Saturday night. The Velvet Box posted the photo on its Facebook page along with the message, “If anyone h...


Whatchoo Talking ‘Bout, Brian Forella?

Jeff Prince
Facebooker Tom Gostkowski used a photo of Lola’s Saloon owner Brian Forella that appeared in my music awards blog, placed a bubble caption on it, and challenged folks to add the perfect dialogue. Gostkowski suggests you p...


Now Can We Have a “Dislike” Button?

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg should consider changing the onscreen color of Facebook from blue to green: Envy would appear to be the biggest emotion the social media site inspires, if you believe recent academic studies that have char...


Clueless: Pegasus News, TCU 360 Assess Fort Worth’s Indie Scene

The Fort Worth music scene is highly amused. And maybe overreacting a bit. Earlier today, Pegasus News, a Dallas-centric online news outlet, reprinted a story that originally appeared in a recent edition of TCU 360, a student m...


Facebook Fact: Cowboys Are World’s Team

Jeff Prince
A Pittsburgh Steelers fan in this office (who will remain Anthonameless) can’t stand to hear the Dallas Cowboys called America’s Team. Anthonameless grew up in Pittsburgh and watched the Steelers get lucky in a coup...

Facebook In The Garden

Andrew McLemore
Is Facebook making us lonely? The answer is murky at best, but this Atlantic cover story makes a valiant attempt to lay the foundation for a substantive discussion. Constantly connected, always distracted, we are all of us alon...

Thank God For Facebook…

Jeff Prince
…otherwise our very own American Airlines would be the most hated company in the land. 24/7 Wall Street crunched numbers and analyzed consumer data to rank the 10 most hated companies. The list doesn’t make sense to...

Stand by Zio Carlo?

Last Call
As I write this, Zio Carlo Brew Pub is still trying to recover from some bad press. By now you know about owner Carlo Galotto’s drunken Facebook fusillade against people he referred to as “spoiled Obama kids,” as well as ...

The Zio Carlo Facebook Meltdown

Anthony Mariani
Dirty bathrooms, awful service, high prices: all common ways to kill business. Having a political meltdown on Facebook, though, is easily the most entertaining. So late last night (Monday), the owner of the newly opened Zio Car...