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Lost: Meanings

They say what has been seen can’t be unseen, that once you know the truth, you can’t unlearn it. That was before I saw The Glenn Beck Program. It started innocently enough. I am a journalism student. One of my professors wa...

Right Wing Tries to Roll Back Hate

Kristian Lin
You’ve heard all the stories by now. You’ve heard about the spitting. The racial slurs. The death threats. The bricks thrown at windows. The insults lobbed at bereaved little kids and Parkinson’s patients. Now the Republi...

Mad Hatter for Texas Guv

Jimmy Fowler
Now that Republican gubernatorial primary contender Debra Medina has told Glenn Beck she believes there are good arguments to be made that the U.S. government was involved in the 9/11 attacks, can we please please please stop p...