Now that Republican gubernatorial primary contender Debra Medina has told Glenn Beck she believes there are good arguments to be made that the U.S. government was involved in the 9/11 attacks, can we please please please stop pretending that she’s a serious candidate rather than a fringe-dwelling teabagger? The editorial pages of North Texas’ dailies have bent over backwards to take Medina seriously and not offend the looney tunes demographic of their dwindling readership.

For that matter, when will the national press quit pretending that the whole teabagger movement is something more legit than a confused collection of reactionary libertarians, anti-Obama conspiracy theorists, anti-tax extremists, paranoid anarchists, and “traditional values” fetishists? Please don’t point to the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. One issue and one issue alone swept him into office – high, prolonged, and legitimately scary unemployment. His victory was not a statement about universal health care – Massachusetts’ state version of that is quite popular among its citizens. And on many social issues, Brown is considerably to the left of both the national Republican Party and the teabaggers. When – or perhaps, unfortunately, if – the employment picture begins to dramatically improve, people will return to their senses and suddenly recognize that the Mad Hatters are hosting this Tea Party.


  1. What is a truther? Is waving a sign and yelling into a megaphone? Or is it just having questions? People are beginning to get a little dangerous on the distinction of what makes a truther. The net is getting wider and wider on people that need to be disavowed and some are even calling for violent action against people who simply ask a question. People really need to wake up as to where we and our country are headed. No one is even allowed to ask a question anymore? This is even more frightening to me than the so called “truthers”. Some are even calling for anyone who questions the government to be charged under the patriot act!!! America, I fear for us!!!!

  2. This was a total set up by the MSM to discredit Ms. Medina, and Glenn Beck was the hit man. Greg is dead on. There is more truth behind 9/11 than we have been given, and this is a prime example of it. Don’t stop asking!!!

  3. Actually Greg, the questions are ludacris…and to entertain them aptly puts the person into an unrealistic mode of thought. No candidate will EVER succeed if they ask these insidious questions nor should they. The government of GWB couldn’t keep a secret to save thier lives, yet alone pull off something like 911 without bungling it up. I might be considered a Tea Party type person, but we don’t need unhinged people representing us no matter how constitutional they are.

  4. Medina is RIGHT.

    The 9/11 attacks were committed with US Govt involvement. There is no other way.

    Jet fuel can NOT burn down STEEL.

    The World Trade Center was a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

    A missile hit the Pentagon, not a Boeing.

    A plane never crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11/01.

  5. Oh yes and thesecond…Glenn Beck is working for the MSM…that might be the most unhinged statement I’ve ever heard. You are truely living in a very scary world and I’m glad I’m not living in it with you.

  6. I’m so glad Jimmy was here to tell me the real reason for Brown’s win. The arbiteur of all truth obviously. I’ll check with him on how many sheets of TP to use and when I can take my next crap. I believe, (note word “Believe”) he was elected because people felt he was not from the same mold as our current electorate. I seriously doubt few on the right, “teabaggers” or Republicans are single issue voters. People are tired of the wreckless spending by our electorate and the endless corruption of funneling ungodly amounts of $ to their supporters. Having any view of 9/11 or on abortion or on capitalism does not pose a threat to me. The threat I see is of socialism and taxing the working to death to pay for all those whom have become “entitled” or “hindered” by or govt. Too many pigs feeding on the govt. tits… None of this would have ever come about if the pot they were paying from was getting smaller instead of bigger.

  7. Did the cow really jump over the moon?
    Is the earth really flat?
    Did Sarah Palin really give birth to Lil Wayne’s love child?
    These questions merit the full attention of the media, and the fact that they’re not being seriously addressed certainly means that there must be something to them…

  8. Interesting piece. Texas politics is fun for the rest of the country to watch. The comments expressed so far are a real hoot. Let’s hope the sane Texans get out and vote.

  9. Ms. Medina speaks her mind. She is still better qualified than any of the candidates. Attacks on Debra are coming from all around her in many forms. The trap she was led into by Backward Beck smacks of cronyism and baiting. Perry and Hutchinson are attacking because they feel her heat. Baby Boy Bush was in charge along with Chaney. And we know they were secretive. I feel that we should have “initiative and referendum” as well so that the voting public has a say on each an every issue confronting Texans. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the pundits were wrong and people voted out all the incumbents. We need to do a house cleaning. “Vote out the Encumbants”. Vote Out The Encumbant Republicans —Vote Out The Encumbant – Democrats —Vote Out The Encumbant entrenched political heirarchy. Since we do not have “Initiative and Referendum” nor “Term limitation” in many states and areas I feel “We the people” should vote out all the entrenched career politicians. Medina Hacker and Backers – Check this site out!!!!!!

  10. steel deflects at 600 degrees, at which point it has little strength. the connections to the exterior steel frame did not fail, causing the walls to buckle in. once one floor falls they pancake.

    it is what is called “progressive failure”. it’s been observed many times in multi-story structural failures. the main steel members were open joists, not rolled sections (I-beams in the vernacular). these joist are not allowed to be fireproofed today because it is easily dislodged (a jet will do the trick). to any sentient engineer the collapse was expected (and tragic). in fact I was watching the tube with a structural engineer and he predicted the exact failure 30 minutes prior.

    sorry to ruin a good story…now go back to looking for the loch ness monster and bigfoot…

  11. It is scary what people can convince themselves is true. It depress me how wonkie people can be. People try reading something other than watching Fox.

    The reason Scott Brown won, was mostly that his opponent was a total mess. She had no idea about the Red Socks, Shilling a Yankee? Please! Catholics should not be in government. It is a wonder she got any votes!

  12. A fair evaluation of the evidence points to US government complicity in the attacks of 9/11.

    *Physicist Stephen Jones discovered the chemical signature of a type of thermite in samples taken from ground zero. (He was later forced to leave his position at BYU after publishing his findings.)

    *Footage of the falling towers shows evidence of explosive demolition. WTC 1 and WTC 2 literally exploded before the camera. Even the portions of the towers above the airplane strike evaporate before hitting the ground.

    *The 47-story building WTC 7 (which was not struck by an airplane) collapsed 7 hours following towers 1 and 2. The film footage reveals a collapse that is very strikingly like a standard controlled demolition. I encourage you to watch it on youtube — search for “wtc 7”

    Are terrorists intent on attacking Americans at home and abroad? Only a fool would doubt it. But only the willfully blind dismiss out of hand the evidence which demonstrates these attacks were staged.

    Please look at the evidence. Watch WTC 7 on youtube. Think independently, and don’t allow yourself to be deceived.

  13. “steel deflects at 600 degrees, at which point it has little strength. the connections to the exterior steel frame did not fail, causing the walls to buckle in. once one floor falls they pancake” -end quote-

    This brings into question the ability of these towers to fall at the speed of gravity. If a true *pancaking* occurred, then the collapsing speed of these buildings would have been much slower, given the number of floors/levels in them. However, as *everyone* saw, these buildings collapsed in perfect unison, AT THE SPEED OF GRAVITY which is impossible in a pancaking of floors WITHOUT controlled demolition.
    Simply put, the 9/11 Commission Report was bogus and insulting to anyone that is able to think and comprehend.

  14. @user1 “SPEED OF GRAVITY”

    Gravity is not a speed (scalar quantity representing average velocity). Gravity is a fundamental force.

    When you have actually taken an introductory physics course, perhaps you will begin to understand how the WTC buildings were brought down by structural failure, not demolition (that, and a course in photography. Where’s the wiring in the building, much less the evidence of pre-detonation of structural members that ALWAYS precedes a controlled demolition?).

    Truthers are worse than worthless.

  15. @Steve Long “Glenn Beck is a tool in every sense of the word.”

    Yes, but he and his fellow talking heads are quite successful tools. Not bad for a guy who was a comic not too many years ago.

  16. Residues of thermite are aluminum and iron…. Gosh, what was the World Trade Center buildings made of? Aluminum and Iron…. wow, you may be on to something there. No-one would have expected to find residues of those two elements at the scene.

  17. 9/11 Was An Inside Job. Do the research before you ridicule the people who are awake and trying to save this country from the ruling elite who are enslaving us.

  18. Oh, look. Nutters right here in this thread.

    This kind of exposes the limits of Glen Beckism. At some point he has to decide if he’s with the tinfoil hat crowd or against them. You can’t peddle John Birch conspiracy theories to the tinfoil-hatters and then slam their core beliefs.

  19. Even Barbara Bush’s dog Millie knew that W’s brother Marvin had his “meeting” moved away from WTC on the fateful morning.
    Why was Marvin involved in security for both WTC and Logan (Boston) airport?
    If there were cell phone calls from the 911 planes, why were the phone company records not produced to the 911 commission?
    Surely the phone company should be able to show which cell tower the call was received at and therefor the approx. location over the tower.
    That, of course, is in the unlikely event that ordinary cell phones would work from inside civil aircraft above 3,000 ft. altitude in the year 2001.
    Also, I understand that many of the passengers on one flight had very high security clearances. Perhaps they needed to start new lives with different ID’s? It might be interesting to follow the travels and communications of the relatives and significant others of the “victims” of that flight since then!
    There are just too many unasked and unanswered questions to make that day’s official history credible.

  20. @Chris Robinson: All of those are completely irrelevant questions known as ‘red herrings.’ All the important and relevant questions have been asked and answered.

  21. Ask yourselves why when the blackbox was discovered by NYC Dept. of Transit Authority and handed to FBI for investigation it conveniently disappeared and declared unfound? That question alone should make all Americans relentless for further investigation. John Farmer head of the Commission confesses in sept of 09 that majority of evidence presented turned out to be staged and fabricated. He wrote this in his tell all book (that got absolutely no promotion ofcourse) called ‘The Ground Truth’ by Dr. John Farmer. Think about it, when the truth comes out one day your words will be set in print for the world to see your thick headedness…Remember Gulf of Tonkin? Admitted false flag by McNamara! Lusitania? You are suppressing dissent and dissent is what makes our Country. Stop using the words ‘hag’ ‘cook’ and use some f’ing intellect!

  22. The person who said steel melts at 600 degrees is a LIAR.

    “The lowest temperature at which a plain carbon steel can begin to melt, its solidus, is 1130 °C. Steel never turns into a liquid below this temperature. Pure Iron (‘Steel’ with 0% Carbon) starts to melt at 1492 °C”

    – “Structural_steel” from Wikipedia

  23. There is no way that Jet Fuel melted Steel in the World Trade Center.

    The steel could NOT have melted to lead to pancaking.

    Anyone who believes the “official” version of 9/11 attacks is a FOOL.

    Wanna buy a bridge? LOL.