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Up to Scratch

Guthrie Kennard, Rick Babb, and James Michael Taylor are local singer-songwriters who sometimes perform as a trio called Buddies. Mostly, though, they blaze individual musical trails. Taylor has received plenty of ink in the We...

Songwriters Galore At Grotto Tonight

Jeff Prince
Generally speaking, singer-songwriter nights at area clubs can be painful. Droning hacks abound. Eardrums assaulted. Abort! Abort! But I can say with confidence that listeners are in for a treat tonight at The Grotto — Gu...

Troubador TX And Guthrie Kennard Debut Sunday

Jeff Prince
A new docu-reality TV series examining the unpredictable lives of musicians in the Texas Music scene will feature a couple dozen artists over 22 episodes. And based on last night’s red-carpet premiere, Fort Worth’s ...

Black Oak Talk

Jimmy Fowler
During my conversation with the great bassist and songwriter Guthrie Kennard, he mentioned touring with a band whose name brought back intriguing memories from my junior high school days: Black Oak Arkansas. Few of us were actu...