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Knocking on the Door

Hispanic political power is at stake in redistricting battles.
Dan McGraw, Photos by Lee Chastain
Contention is always on the agenda in Fort Worth’s halls of government, whether the question is gas wells, bullying, budget woes, or eminent domain. But in the last few weeks, the heat has been turned up on an even more nuts-...

Pistol Packing Vaquero Is Held Up

Jeff Prince
Local historians who for more than 20 years have been trying to create Fort Worth’s first statue to honor the Hispanic culture are blazing mad now that it’s finished. WFAA‘s Brett Shipp describes in this June ...

A Good and Bad Night for Fort Worth Schools Super

Fort Worth schools superintendent Melody Johnson got a three-year extension on  her contract last night with a 6-3 vote, again benefitting from the lopsided board majority she continues to have in her corner —but she didn’...

Mud Lobbers

Unusual in a Cowtown race, District 9 candidates get their hands dirty.
Dan McGraw
Local city council races have generally followed the “Fort Worth Way” as politicos like to call it, with candidates and their handlers playing nice and keeping to a minimum all that underhanded stuff that they do in...