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Delayed Concussion For Former Rangers Slugger?

Jeff Prince
The strange tweets from former Texas Rangers outfielder Jose Canseco might be a delayed reaction to the conk on the head received in 1993. The Cleveland Indians’ Carlos Martinez hit a long ball that bounced off Canseco...

Man Tramples Kid At Ballpark

Jeff Prince
If you’re thinking a 25-year-old man risking his life and falling three-stories just to nab a foul ball is one cerveza short of a six-pack, how about the actions of this other “adult” at last night’s Rangers...

Jennifer Valdivia Gets Ryan Howard HR Ball

Jeff Prince
Justice triumphs. The 12-year-old Florida girl who nabbed a record-setting home run ball by Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard, and then was hustled out of her prize by team officials has finally got her ball back. Howar...