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Suicide Pact

Climate summit negotiators fiddle while the world prepares to starve.
Gwynne Dyer
The Durban climate summit that ended earlier this month was proclaimed a great success. The chairwoman told delegates: “We have concluded this meeting with [a plan] to save one planet for the future of our children and our gr...

The Egg Rolls Of Wrath

Jeff Prince
“Damn foreigners coming over here and stealing our jobs and using up our resources. Why don’t they just stay in their own country? Turn around and git!” No, that’s not the Tea Party’s latest bumper...

Jacksboro Highway Avalon Motel Sign A Keeper

Jeff Prince
The Avalon Motel is a quiet little place these days, and that’s how owners Tom and Manjula Khushal like it. I stopped by to take photos of the sign perched atop a rusted water tower this morning and drew the wary eye of M...