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(From left to right) co-owner Robert Holt, booking agent/bartender Elizabeth Honea, head bartender Roy Cordova, and co-owner Don Stephan are ready for River Run Roadhouse to become a destination for all sorts of music, including indie-rock.

Open Roadhouse Doors

Much of the place looks the same. The relatively roomy stage, the gritty industrial interior, the neon signs, the black bar counter, the four-tops, the dim lighting. But what separates River Run Roadhouse from its previous occu...

The Connection to Cowtown

Last Call
I don’t know about you, but, to me, names are very important. Call me uppity, but I’d be hard pressed to see a band called Morbosity. I don’t know anything about them, but every time I read that name, my brain...

J&J’s Blues Bar to Close

After 23 years, the legendary blues club will permanently close its doors this month. A final jam hosted by guitar impresario James Hinkle will be held Jan. 30. More to come.