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Reason No. 149 To Love Marty B

Jeff Prince
Martellus Bennett, aka Marty B, is a comical, goofy, and occasionally controversial tight end for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s not the greatest tight end and he hasn’t lived up to lofty expectations, but he plays hard. ...

Cowboys, Wildcard, Super Bowl???

Jeff Prince
The dreamers among us are excited. They imagine that a two-game win streak after a coaching change has set off a chain of events that will lead to a 9-7 season record, wildcard playoff slot, and a Super Bowl berth for the Dalla...

Hey, Jerry, Change Comes From Within

Jeff Prince
Changes are on the way, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones hinted after his 1-7 team embarrassed themselves again on national TV last night. But he offered no specifics. And he certainly didn’t suggest t...