The dreamers among us are excited. They imagine that a two-game win streak after a coaching change has set off a chain of events that will lead to a 9-7 season record, wildcard playoff slot, and a Super Bowl berth for the Dallas Cowboys.

Here’s a cold slap in the face: After facing a solid New Orleans Saints team on Thursday (yay Thanksgiving) , the Cowboys still have to face Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts — and Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles twice.

But suppose the ‘Boys are on a six- or seven-game winning streak when Tony Romo recovers from his shoulder injury. Does head coach Jason Garrett pull Jon Kitna and reinstate Romo as starting quarterback?



Hell no, it’s Kitna’s season from here on out (as long as he’s winning.)

Garrett should refrain from changing his qb, particularly after Romo did so little to inspire the team earlier in the season.

My final advice to Garrett: Keep Kitna away from Jessica Simpson.



  1. This statement says it ALL!

    “Garrett should refrain from changing his qb, particularly when Romo did so little to inspire the team earlier in the season.”!

    While the vision of a Super Bowl is grand……it is about as likely as our nation and the world doing a “180” on the economy tomorrow!

    This has and will be Romo’s Achilles heal as a leader. He has shown year in and year out no emotional command of his offense. The recent clip of “Tom Brady” getting on his guys should be burned in Romo’s head so that he understands what it takes to have COMPLETE control and respect of his offense!

    Let’s use the “Wade Phillips” approach….nice, calm …..with little or no emotion (Very Romo like) and look at HIS results. It was enough to get him fired! How could ANYONE get pumped up or play with a higher emotion and sense of urgency having a leader like that?

    I like TR, but as a pure leader….he isn’t even close. He is a “Stat” creator….nothing more!

    Even Kitna’s post game interviews are much better than Romo’s. Kitna sounds more like he “Gets” the BIGGER picture…..while TR searches for words to fill the air. The word “Uh or UM” should be abolished form the English vocabulary!

    Kitna should stay till the end of the season! Maybe Romo can learn something from him!