Martellus Bennett, aka Marty B, is a comical, goofy, and occasionally controversial tight end for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s not the greatest tight end and he hasn’t lived up to lofty expectations, but he plays hard. Off the field he speaks — and raps — from his heart and doesn’t worry too much about being politically correct.

So eyebrows raised after Bennett told ESPN’s Ben & Skin Show that Jon Kitna was an inspiration on the field and ought to be given the chance to unseat starting quarterback Tony Romo.

“Just being out there on the field with that guy makes you play even harder,” he said.


“I hope there’s a chance for a quarterback competition this year,” he continued. “Every position, I think we need to put more competition into it.”

That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard out of Cowboysville in a while. Damn right Romo should fight for his job. Kitna is eight years older than Romo, but he’s still two years short of 40 and appears football healthy.

Romo would probably win the starting job with ease. But competing for it would do him good — Bennett, you know, isn’t the only underachiever around here.


  1. “Marty B” should keep his mouth shut until he’s proven himself to be a contributing player. Right now he’s a draft bust that is more flash than substance. He hasn’t any room to talk about anybody at this point, especially the starting quarterback who has been to three Pro Bowls.