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UT Student’s Selfie With Justin Bieber At SXSW Isn’t What It Seems

Jeff Prince
Hating Justin Bieber is the new black. When I woke up this morning, all the morning news shows were showcasing a video of Bieber displaying a snotty attitude during a recent deposition. One of the show’s hosts even said h...


2012 Gets Run Over By Reindeer Author

Jeff Prince
Songwriter Randy Brooks (The Bad Monkeys) established himself decades ago as an astute and searing Christmas chronologist with his classic hit “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.” Being the voice of his generation ...

The Real Scoop on Selena

Jimmy Fowler
Pop sprite and Grand Prairie native Selena Gomez told a Dallas-based radio show that junk food is responsible for her recent hospitalization. Um, right. I thought Disney Channel starlets thrived on a diet of Jolly Ranchers and ...

OMG! The Bieb in Arlington

Jimmy Fowler
If you were feeling a little swoonier than usual this holiday weekend, it could be an airborne case of Bieber fever. The Bieb was eyeballed out and about in Arlington with his current old lady Selena Gomez. They were at Six Fla...

Musical Haves, Have-Nots Reflect Society

Jeff Prince
The separation of rich and poor keeps growing wider in the United States. Economically, the “haves” are getting richer and smaller in number, while the “have-nots” are growing poorer and larger in number...