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K2 Puts More Than 30 New Yorkers In A Spice Stupor

Jeff Prince
Marijuana has become more expensive in recent years as the hydroponically grown pot has edged out the Mexican dirt weed among consumers. Now, the cheap stuff is harder to find. More and more people seem to be turning to K2, or ...

Neuharth: “Kids become psychotic; they have ... hallucinations.” Lee Chastain

Not Your Older Brother’s K2

As makers change the formula, the synthetic drugs get much more dangerous.
In 2011, Fort Worth Weekly ran a story about K2, the common name of a type of designer drug marketed by head shops as a legal alternative to marijuana. During the course of researching the story, a reporter asked several employ...

Panbechi: “Everything is from the plant; nothing extra is added.” Jeff Prince

Kratom from Cowtown

A major supplier of a controversial herbal drink says his product is safe and organic.
Kratom, an herbal drink that relieves pain and enhances moods for some enthusiasts, has slipped past the mainstream media for several years. Lately, though, news reports have begun surfacing across the country. Locally, CBS 11 ...

Buzzkill: DEA Bans Fake Pot

Jeff Prince
People who buy, smoke, and enjoy genuine weed could probably care less that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is banning the chemicals used in fake pot products such as K2. Last year, Fort Worth Weekly wrote about  the ...

Bad Trips On K2 Prompt 911 Calls

Jeff Prince
Man-made marijuana known as K2, cleverly marketed as “incense,” led to a bad trip for several Denton teenagers. One young woman reported having seizures and blacking out. (In the photo, that’s K2 Summit on the left, K...