Marijuana has become more expensive in recent years as the hydroponically grown pot has edged out the Mexican dirt weed among consumers. Now, the cheap stuff is harder to find. More and more people seem to be turning to K2, or synthetic marijuana, to save a few bucks.

Well, Clorox is cheaper than Budweiser, but nobody has taken to drinking bleach on hot afternoons at the beach.

On Tuesday, New York City news media reported on emergency workers that transferred 33 people to hospitals after they reportedly smoked K2 on the street in Brooklyn. New York City banned synthetic marijuana last year after thousands of people were treated for overdoses at area emergency clinics.

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Smoking K2 is a risky proposition. A few years ago, myself and several other Weekly staff members tried out K2 while researching a story about spice’s growing popularity. I felt nothing after taking a few hits. A couple of people reported headaches. One guy who smoked it said he caught a nice buzz. After our taste test was over, I gave the remaining packs of spice to the guy who seemed to have enjoyed the buzz the most.

A couple of days later, however, he told me that he smoked some of the K2 at his house after work one night and began feeling so ill and anxious that he curled up in the fetal position in his shower for 20 minutes, thinking he was losing his mind. He swore off the K2 afterward.

Be careful out there as you make decisions on what to inhale into your lungs.


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