Man-made marijuana known as K2, cleverly marketed as “incense,” led to a bad trip for several Denton teenagers. One young woman reported having seizures and blacking out.


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(In the photo, that’s K2 Summit on the left, K2 Blonde at top, and the real stuff at bottom)

Fort Worth Weekly’s recent cover story (“The Real Deal On Fake Dope,” March 24, 2010) looked at the rise of K2 as a popular buzz of choice.

The Weekly staff had a K2 smoke-out after work one night to see if the stuff was any good. Most people weren’t enthusiastic but at least nobody had seizures or blackouts…that I can recall.

Here’s my report:

I’m high as I write this. Kind of. Not really. Or am I?

If you have to think about whether you’re stoned, then you’re probably not.

Others around me, however, are reporting good buzzes.

“This stuff creeps up on you,” said Andy, who might otherwise be scornfully labeled a “Bogart” had his valiant hogging of the joint not been done in the name of science.

“I’m trying to type and I can’t concentrate,” Marley said, smiling and clearly pleased with this realization.

About a half-dozen dedicated employees at Fort Worth Weekly bravely volunteered to work overtime one evening and gather in a circle to smoke K2. None of us have ever tried it, and only or two have heard of it.

(Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent).

We start with a hand-rolled joint of “Blonde.” A local smoke shop charged $41.99 for 3 grams, which makes for about six medium-sized joints. We’ve been told that Blonde is a chill version of K2.

“It smells like catnip,” Andy says before we light up.

K2 is easy to roll. No stems or seeds. Packs nicely. Burns well. But it resembles swag gone bad (ie: cheap weed that’s gotten a bit moldy).

After it’s lit, the descriptions of the smell change to “woodsy,” funky,” cigar-ish,” “incense,” and “like a clove cigarette.”

Everyone gets a few hits, and we report our findings.

“It’s relaxing my brain; I’m not thinking any great thoughts or creative things, but my mind feels relaxed,” Fred said.

“Actually, I’m pretty impressed with it,” Jedediah said. “It’s like cush (high-grade marijuana).”

Others weren’t as taken.

“I feel something, but not like good pot,” MC Puffy said.

We roll up another joint as more scientists gather around, although Jedediah excuses himself.

“I’m stoned,” he said.

After our second taste of “Blonde,” we roll up a joint of “Summit” ($48.99 for 3 grams). This stuff has been billed in advance as more potent and intense than “Blonde.” It’s redder in color and tastes even more flowery. But it’s not as well received. Some people even complain that it ruined their Blonde high.

So we roll another Blonde and smoke it.

“That’s better,” Andy said. “I’m all talkative and goofy now.”

After about 30 minutes, a couple of people report still having decent buzzes; others say their stoned feeling has faded to almost nothing. Two report slight headaches and no more buzz at all. Everybody prefers real pot to K2.

Overall summary: K2 is kind of cool because it’s readily available, legal, and not detected in drug tests. But it’s kind of like buying a plastic plant for the house – it looks kind of real and it’s convenient because you don’t have to water it. But it’s still a fake plant that’s easily spotted across the room.


  1. I’ve smoked pot for 42 yr.
    Tried K2 and haven’t touched pot for three months or more.
    Tax it and leave it alone.
    Most people using K2 have left pot behind!
    Its still not as bad as booze!
    My opinion

  2. ive been a regular pot smoker for a long time, and i must say, k2 in my experience is clean as a whistle, i think the problem is the person’s mind set. they know its not real pot so they doubt it resulting in a negative buzz even tho it works great. ive smoked k2 summit, k2 blue, pink and now for the first time i will try k2 blonde. im sure i wont be disappointed considering that i have gotten high everytime i have used it. look beyond the fact that it is synthetic and you will enjoy yourself, and just like pot, you need an activity to occupy your mind to feel the full effects. whether its listening to music, doing something creative, playing a video game, watching a movie, something to keep your mind busy. otherwise your gonna have those high thoughts and start freaking out because its not real pot. it does work very well and i havent had any problems or “seizures” like most light weights have said they had, Peace.

  3. What I think is people need to quit searching for things to alter the way they feel its just wrong. One day you will finally get a hold of something that makes you feel way better then you could ever imagine and then the next thing your hooked and nothing that once was important matters anymore, just that feeling you get from whatever your using at the time. Your family, your children, nothing. And most important why would anyone want to make it easy for our children to get a hold of stuff the is not intended for human consumption.

  4. It says not intended for human consumption and my definition of consumption is to eat it. Well I am not going to eat it, I am going to smoke it and nowhere on the package does it say do not inhale or smoke this product so I did and I am high. I just got done with a joint of K2 Ultra and the Blonde is on the way. =)

  5. Hi, I just wanted to tell my “high” story… Bare with me, it’s a little hard to explain… Okay, I had just gotten done smoking a k-2 product known as “spice” (kush is what it was called.) last night. The high was very enjoyable, much like the effects of pot (but way more intense). The strange thing is, the next morning I lit up another bowl of “spice”, I got totally ripped off of the first hit (probably the same as smoking 3-4 bowls from the bong. Just to let you all know, I have been smoking pot for about 8 years now and just barely started smoking “spice”) by the second hit I’d say I was pretty far gone, I mean wow…

  6. I continued to smoke more after that(don’t ask why.) with my brothers, they were fine with it and had amazing high’s. We finished the second bowl and went inside the house, and went back to lay down and relax… At least, that’s what I thought… After about 5 minutes after smoking the “spice” I started to Tripp waaaayy too hard, everything seemed to lag (things were dragging when I changed the direction I was looking.) things were almost moving as if in slow-motion. Everything was so Intense, the colors especially. Things were in a “3-D” state (poping out at me.) my heart was beating (and I’m not even Kidding.) like every 0.5 seconds, yeah, way too fast. I’ve never had a panic attack/anxiety attack ever, but after readind various symptoms I can only guess that’s what it was. I remember trying to talk myself down from the high, but that didn’t really work all as planned… My entire head was numb (couldn’t feel a thing, I slapped myself in the face pretty hard.) I found myself getting agitated at stupid shit… Random… Every time I tried to close my eyes I saw a bright-red image (still not sure what it was.) Burned into my skull, so, yeah. There was no “sleeping it off” option for me. I tried to focus on other things, such as video games, but that didn’t help either… I’m still not sure what brought on the attack, I was in such a good mood before I smoked too… 🙁 Maybe I just smoked way too much (about 4 good tokes) , who knows… I for certain will never smoke that much “spice” again in the morning again. I would say all-in-all that “spice” is a drug that should not be taken lightly… Thanks for listening… And remember… It’s always 4:20 somewhere (seriously though, if your gonna smoke anything, smoke pot) peace out…

  7. lol been smoking k2 for the last 4 days straight.. and once in a while i get this bad trip(my k2 is more potent than summit)… i feel like im twitching and out of my mind i cant think properly like im trying to think but i forgot what i was thinking… lol crazy stuff/// but i know its all in the mind im scared when its happening…. but after its done.. im like it was so intense i wnna try it again… haha! call me crazy but its so intense and not normal as a normal pot high u would want to do it again.. i bought this k2 from a dealer online…

  8. K2… weird thing is i pack a bong and have two friends take a rip off it. their like yea i got a small buzz going on but nothing worth the taste. i go to take two good rips off the bong and by the second hit my face goes numb its a good stoned feeling for a while so i took two more rips and all of a sudden i cant tell how far my girlfriend is away from me when shes sitting at my side then i realize im seeing in 2d and everything is blended together and i have no depth perception.. i’ve tried a couple of trippy things before but nothing like this. Anyone else halucinate off of k2 before??

  9. liljosh: yeah i did the same thing i made a decent sized joint and it was my first time smoking it and i smoke weed all the time and i expected the same type of high for me it was not the case i started “melting” is the best way i can put it. a whole bunch of sentences would play over and over agin in my head and couldnt control it. then once i sat down is when i stated my freak out attack i kept thinking i was dying i felt as if my heart was exploding and i felt like no one was around me to help me even though i was fine i was screaming for no reason (most of this i dont remember its just what my friends told me i did) and after that im finished with K2 and am returning to pot. BTW i had about 4 or 5 hits BIG hits thats the reasone for most of these side affects so first time user take a SMALL HIT and wait for the affects to kick in before you start up more hits.

  10. The 3rd day I tried spice I went into it thinking it was going to be a normal high like every other time. My friend and I decided that we were going to smoke a fat bowl at the top of a hill and longboard down it. As soon as we were done I put my stuff in my pocket and went down the hill. Everything was normal until I got to the bottom and something hit me. I looked up and my friend was covered in red, almost firey. The trees were glistening with red and the clouds were red. I felt as if something had taken over my body and I became evil. I tried telling myself I wasn’t evil but all I could hear was this dark music that I couldn’t turn off. I tried to think of something else but the music was so loud I could only think of how evil I was. I would look at my hands and feet and see trails that they were making. I would feel like we were being watched when no one was down the street. I felt incredibly vulnerable and had never been so scared in my life. Spice is not cool. Bud all day

  11. I just tried Burning Man Hypnotic for the first time. Took 2 hits off a gravity bong and had the most terrifying experience I have EVER had on ANY drug. Felt like I was dead or someone very close to me had died and nobody wanted to tell me about it. Very strong panic attack. Felt like something very bad had recently happened and it was all my fault even though I had tried so hard to prevent it. Felt like the weight of the whole world just got placed on my shoulders. I will never smoke it again.

  12. my girl friend and i smoked some of that spice stuff which is very similar to k2 if not the same im not sure but we smoked it out of a lung at first i didnt feel anything so i took another one and then there was only a little left so i said whatever it aint gonna work for me later but after i took that last hit i knew something wasnt right it felt like i was a claymation or not real i felt like a manikin yes i know im dumb for doing that but i would suggest not smokeing a whole bunch at once because i still dont feel right

  13. i did this stuff with my boyfriend. he told me to be careful, and to take like 2 its so i could feel good. i used to be a major weed smoker, so as someone who used to smoke about 5 blunts a day, i didn’t think this crap would do anything. i took 5 huge hits, and i started tripping balls right after the sixth hit, i started freaking out, and screaming and it was really wierd because everything was a movie, and everything was a thought within a thought and so on and so forth, as soon as i started to drink water i get ok, but then that was a dram within another dream. i also jumped on my boyfriends back, and bit him really hard because i thought that the faster i got away from him, the faster id get out of this bad trip. i bit him and punched him the fee like 7 times, and i started screaming in tounges. i was really triply and it was the worst high i have ever felt. everything was like a cartoon movie, really bright, and very scary. i HATE that shit. it was kryptonite, not k2 though.

  14. Alright so…. spice, fuck you! One too many.bad trips. me and my ole man would smoke this shit, and 1 out of 3 times I would have panic or anxiety attacks. My boyfriend thought I was only twitching just to freak him out…. Until one time he smoked it… And instantly he was more fucked up than I or anyones ever been. He started pukinkg uncontrollably, and every muscle in.his body was twitching.this lasted for about an hour. When it all ended this mother fucker smiles and says that was the craziest night of his life. And thats saying something since he has one eye left, due to drugs and fucked up parties. to give you an understanding of how he felt would simply be put as possessed. No control. Out of your body.FUCKED UP.

  15. Even though I have smoked K2 before. After one bad trip, I will never smoke it again or suggest it to anyone. I have never had anxiety attacks or irregular heart problems. The best way to describe my effects are: It felt like somethings was squeezing my heart every minute and there was a warming effect. Paranoia is another side effect. I was wanting to cut my heart out. I have never had thoughts like that.. After 24hrs and still having side affects I decided to go to the ER and try to have it flushed out of my system with an IV. I had normal EKG results and nothing said about my chest x-ray. My point is.Stay away from this SHIT.

  16. k2 is a weird drug. You smoke a little and your stupid high. you smoke too much and your tripping. Pictures are changing on the tv, things are twirling on the tv. sometimes i cant even explain it. i dont know why but i just don’t think spice is meant to be smoked

  17. you guys are stupid. what is the point of getting high?!?!?! to say u did it !!! it doesn’t make u cool. it just makes u seem dumb and uneducated. WHY WOULD U SMOKE THIS GARBAGE?? its soaked with bad chemicals that will kill u if the right door gets opened at the right time in ur cardiovascular system. Just be smart DONT GET HIGH its point less. do something with your lives. get a job keep it have stuff to show for down the road. in my opinion the i think the government should make it so it kills u dumb asses! its ur life not mine so do what u please. but just so u guys know its NOT natural and its NOT SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. me and my roommate have been smoking all sorts of spice since august. wicked xxx, amazon, black mamba, mango mamba, and many more. we recently bought skywalker from a local smoke shop and have been smoking it for two weeks or so. it was always fun and whatnot but tonight she took a bong rip when we got home from school. she was fine for a few minutes when (as she was holding the hookah hose) she started howling really loud and screaming as if she were a monkey or something for 15 seconds or so. she then started to convulse a little while talking jibberish sentences almost pulling our hookah to the ground. she then laid down, spilled her oj and began talking. the voice wasnt even hers it sounded like someone else. she was talking in two different voices as she was having a conversation with someone else but she was both people. she was talking about sex and other random storie sall while laying on the ground. she was moaning and saying “this is the best sex ive ever had” as well as other things of that sort. me and my other roommate had NEVER seen anything like it. we couldnt talk to her, she didnt respond. it was like she was fucking possessed or something crazy. she eventually stopped moaning and sat up, she asked where the fuck her orange juice went she was about to take a drink of and was confused as hell. she asked what the fuck happened in a still high daze and then laid there for a few minutes not doing much, eventually retreating to her room.

    just two nights ago i couldnt sleep so at 4 am took a few huge bong rips. i went to go lay in bed, and when i shut the bathroom light off my vision became EXTREMELY cloudy. i could barely see. it felt like my vision was at 5%. i laid down in bed and immediately realized that was BY FAR the highest id ever been. a repeated spiral of thoughts filled my head including: i was dying, having a heart attack, i was high as FUCK and never going to come down, i kept going up and up and up. i finally (after freaking out for a good two hours unable to move) opened my eye and was able to sit up. i sat there still high as fuck, but was able to talk myself out of freaking out. i remember laying down once more to relax and i blacked out, waking up at 11:00 that morning feeling like shit.

    after those moment i will NEVER EVER smoke that shit again. shit is chemically engineered and is probably terrible for your body/brain. i’d advise never picking the stuff up again. do yourself a favor and STOP using it. it isn’t regulated by ANY agency and you really have no clue what is in it. at least with weed, you KNOW it is THC and safe (if not beneficial for you.)

    weed has been weed forever, no need to try to modernize it and technologically advance it. if you want a real, safe trip, go pick up some fucking LSD.

    happy smoking.

  19. Okay, recently I moved to southern california. Life was fine, but i had no connection for weed. So i found this local head shop and the guy introduced me about this spice. He said it is 100% legal. So i gave it a shot, and I loved it. Until last night.

    It was legal and i did not have any connections at that point, so I loved to smoke spice. At first, a gram lasted for about 3 days, so i thought “hey, this things pretty good!”

    after that, my high lasted only for 15~30 minutes so i was keep smoking and smoking. Now i smoke 3 grams a day, which is about 20$.

    The weird thing is, since I began smoking this spice, i couldnt really get high by smoking weed. I dont know why but spice made me higher.

    Last night, i picked up this spice called “Diablo” at the local shop. I knew this thing is very strong, but I thought i was a man enough to smoke this shit. As soon as i got home, i smoked it out of a bong, and it gave me a good buzz. But right before i go to sleep, i smoked once again, and that fucked me up.

    Everything seemed so weird and abnormal, people looked all freaky, they had like 100 legs and eyes on their face, everything was 2-d looking, and everything was very “simplified” just as cartoon. It trippy as shit and i thought i was gonna die. There was no concept of time during this experience. I dont even know how to describe this weird-ass experience. No more smoking this thing in my life. It was so unnatural. It was totally different from shrooms or anything. Fuck this thing. never spending money on this.