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La Familia Lawsuit Settled Out of Court

Anthony Mariani
After a year and a half, five ex-employees of La Familia have settled a fair labor lawsuit with the popular Mexican restaurant (“La Familia Sued by Ex-Employees,” Jan. 3, 2012). The two sides agreed to keep the settlement a...

La Familia’s Lawyer Responds to Lawsuit

Anthony Mariani
Al and Lanette Cavazos, father-and-daughter co-owners of the popular West 7th corridor Tex-Mex restaurant La Familia, still aren’t talking. But while they have formally denied the allegations in a lawsuit filed by three forme...

La Familia Sued by Ex-Employees

Anthony Mariani
To many regulars, La Familia restaurant co-owner Al Cavazos seems like one of the nicest guys in town, often greeting customers with a handshake when they enter his beloved Tex-Mex eatery in the West 7th Street corridor. But th...

Troops Feel The Local Love

Jeff Prince
The killing of Public Enemy No. 1 created fresh admiration for the men and women who serve in the U.S. military. About 15 people wearing U.S. Navy and Air Force uniforms walked into The Pour House yesterday to have lunch. A wom...