Al and Lanette Cavazos, father-and-daughter co-owners of the popular West 7th corridor Tex-Mex restaurant La Familia, still aren’t talking.

But while they have formally denied the allegations in a lawsuit filed by three former employees (“La Familia Sued by Ex-Employees,” Blotch, Tuesday, Jan. 3; “La Familia Under Fire,” Wednesday, Jan. 11), the Cavazoses’ attorney, Dallas’ Mike Coles, called this morning and said, “Of all the allegations that I’ve been told by the plaintiffs, the one thing to keep in mind is that these men worked for this family and this restaurant for decades. The restaurant attempts to treat everybody like a family and respect them and take care of them in that sense, and the longevity of [the plaintiffs’] employment relationship with this restaurant and this family is indicative of that. We will not respond to allegations that are meant to extort settlement or resolution but will address the entire matter in a public forum in court at the appropriate time.”

The civil litigation process could last until early next year, said the ex-employees’ attorneys: Fort Worth’s Matthew Bobo and Chip Searcy.

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  1. Bradley… I wonder the same thing, but I have seen the owners daughter there drunk and/or high several times, so some of it is very easy to picture.