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Fort Worth Cats Lie Down With Jose Canseco, Everyone Gets Fleas

Jeff Prince
Jose Canseco was supposed to be the carnival sideshow whose wackiness might overshadow the ominous stank coming from the Fort Worth Cats recently. Money woes, grumbling vendors, and employees walking off the job don’t exa...

Restaurants Should Charge For Water

Jeff Prince
A Las Vegas restaurant is catching flak for charging .50 cents for water and not telling customers about it until they get their bills, according to this Delish.com story. I’ve got no problem with restaurants charging ext...

Garth Brooks Un-retires Again

Jeff Prince
The LA Times reports that Garth Brooks is coming out of retirement. Apparently he retired in 2000. Who knew? Seems like only yesterday his albums were starting to stink and so he tried a publicity stunt, changing his name to Ch...