Jose Canseco was supposed to be the carnival sideshow whose wackiness might overshadow the ominous stank coming from the Fort Worth Cats recently.

Money woes, grumbling vendors, and employees walking off the job don’t exactly make LaGrave Field seem like an innocent playground of baseball, mom, and apple pie.

Bringing in Canseco as a player-coach this season was supposed to provide a fun distraction.


Instead, Canseco arrived at D/FW International Airport yesterday and the first thing news reporters did was ask him about his connection to an alleged rape in Las Vegas.

Fort Worth Weekly reporter Eric Griffey just happened to be at the airport to pick up his hot girlfriend (why are you so surprised that Griffey has a hot girlfriend?) and was the first to spot Canseco coming into the lobby.

“He was easy to spot, he’s this giant guy wearing sunglasses and a backwards hat,” Griffey said. “He was like a giant among insects.  Even if you didn’t know it was Jose Canseco you knew he was some kind of athlete or bodybuilder.”

The two stood beside each other at the baggage claim area.

“I had just written a blog about him and I thought, ‘I need to interview this guy.’ ”

Just then, a TV reporter charged up with a cameraman and started asking about the rape allegations.

“Jose’s answer was he’d already passed a polygraph and all the details would come out later and he’d rather talk about baseball,” Griffey said. “He was definitely uncomfortable and a little dismissive but he didn’t walk away or tell the guy to fuck off.”