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Movies About Maids

Kristian Lin
The Help looks poised to be a huge hit this weekend, and everyone is healthily chewing over the book and the film’s racial politics. There’s even a panel discussion on this subject going on at Dock Bookshop on the 18th....

Domestic Conflict

When I was a boy, I visited relatives in South America and noticed that all my uncles and aunts seemed to employ maids. I thought it was strange. My relatives weren’t noticeably wealthier than my parents, and yet neither ...

Wedding Crasher

A weak lead performance waters down this farce at a best friend’s wedding.
Kristian Lin
All right, somebody needs to explain the whole Patrick Dempsey thing to me.

Domestic Troubles

Big Ticket
Sarah Ruhl has told this story often, but it bears one more repetition: She came up with the idea for her comedy The Clean House after going to a party and overhearing a woman talk about her maid, who had stopped cleaning her h...