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Why Some Locals Root For Miami Heat

Jeff Prince
The NBA Finals that the Dallas Mavericks failed to reach because owner Mark Cuban blew up the team (I digress) is approaching Game 5 tonight. The Miami Heat leads the Oklahoma City Thunder 3-1 in the best of seven series. NBA f...

Cleveland Love For Dallas Gets Creepy

Jeff Prince
The people in Cleveland, Ohio were surely jilted and angered by NBA superstar LeBron James’ decision to flee their dingy town and seek bigger spotlights in flashy Miami this season. So when the Dallas Mavs crushed the dre...

Congratulations Go To Miami Heat

Jeff Prince
This doesn’t quite compare to the Dewey-Truman newspaper headline, but the Miami Herald embarrassed itself today by running a full page Macy’s ad congratulating the Miami Heat for winning the NBA championship. In re...

Dallas Mavs To Lose On Sunday

Jeff Prince
A local sports fan mocked my prediction last week that the Dallas Mavs would sweep the Miami Heat in three games at home and win the team’s first ever Finals. Well, Mr. Smarty Pants, my bold prediction fell one shot short...

Several Good Things About Today

Jeff Prince
First off, it’s Friday. And that’s a very, very good thing. And how about them Dallas Mavericks? Not only was last night’s comeback in Game 2 of the Finals amazing to watch, it’ll inspire the Mavs to tur...

Mavs Can Be This Millenium’s First Champion

Jeff Prince
It’s amazing what a World Series appearance did for the Texas Rangers. Some locals (chiefly me) grew weary of our local baseball franchise after four decades of underachieving teams and consistently poor personnel decisio...