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Programme: Starring Nathan Brown (left), Ben Hance (center), and Landon Cabarubio (right).

Enter: Programme

Nathan Brown thinks it’s “late-’70s police investigation/chase music,” but even if you were a kid in that time period, you probably spent your fair share of boring nights lounging on the couch as Kojak knocked yet anoth...

Terrible People is the first -- and may be the last -- we hear of recorded Mailman.

Special Delivery

It’s like Night of the Living Dead, but instead of flesh-eating zombies you’ve got a reanimated band and a reanimated record label. The former is Mailman, a gritty smart-pop quartet (think: Calhoun meets The Old 97’s) tha...


MAF’14, Round 2

The full lineup for Fort Worth Weekly’s 12th Annual Music Awards Festival is just about done. For the free daylong concert on Sunday, June 22, at eight venues in the West 7th Street corridor (Lola’s Saloon, The Grotto, Magn...



Headed to Austin this week? See some Fort Worth music. Or else.
Since the late 1990s, when I first started attending South by Southwest, I’ve complained so much about the annual music festival and conference that you’d think I was talking about some family reunion I’d been forced to g...

Ohm Reunion, One O’Clock Lab Band Grammy

Anthony Mariani
One of Fort Worth’s and all of North Texas’ most trailblazing and significant experimental bands is performing a reunion gig of sorts tonight in Denton. Formed in 1995 by Sam Ward and the late Doug Ferguson (Frankie Teardro...

More Local Bands Putting Out Eight-Track Cartridges

Anthony Mariani
The Theater Fire, The Me-Thinks, and RTB2 are three more North Texas bands that are working with Fort Worth eight-track production company The Dead Media to put out music on eight-track tape. Heavy-metalists Addnerim were the f...

The Return of the King

Anthony Mariani
One-man-R&B-band Nathan Brown/Browningham is playing tonight at The Grotto, probably about 1 in the morning, after everyone has drunk a dangerous amount of alcohol and the gritty party band Shuttle has come and gone. That a...