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Super Bowl Baller To Visit Fort Worth Alma Mater

Jeff Prince
Former NFL running back Greg Hawthorne will visit Polytechnic High School tomorrow to recognize the school’s part in Super Bowl history. The NFL’s Super Bowl High School Honor Roll program sends athletes to meet wit...

Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy, Jerry Jones Should Shut Up for a While

Kristian Lin
Just ahead of the Dallas Cowboys welcoming the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots to town, defensive lineman Greg Hardy came back from his suspension with an interview that could charitably be called tone-deaf. The man co...

ADRIAN PETERSON (courtesy Wikipedia)

NFL’s Suspension Of Adrian Peterson Makes Little Sense

Jeff Prince
The NFL suspended Texas native Adrian Peterson without pay for the rest of the 2014-2015 season, meaning the Minnesota Vikings running back will miss the final six games, and possibly more next season. Peterson has already miss...


Dallas Cowboys’ Own Hashtag Says They Suck

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Cowboys can’t blame this breakdown in common sense on backup quarterback and resident punching bag Brandon Weeden. Somebody else with the team came up with the hashtag “CowboysUK” for the team’...


Angry Birds

While praying for Tony Romo’s health, the Dallas Cowboys will have no fear of the Arizona Cardinals when they come to AT&T Stadium. By the same token, the Cards are playing excellent football and look like the class act o...


Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Tennessee Titanics

Jeff Prince
Wow, what a battle. Intense. Valiant. But, ultimately, unsuccessful — my brain and my eyelids pummeled each other as the clock slowly ticked toward noon, but my eyelids won the war. The Dallas Cowboys were facing the Tenn...

(wikipedia photo)

Dez Bryant Goes From Zero To Hero

Jeff Prince
Two years ago, Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant was looking like a bust after being selected in the first round of the 2010 draft. He couldn’t run a pattern, meaning his quarterback would throw the ball to the wrong spot, mos...

The Buffalo Jills aren't so happy behind the scenes.

NFL Cheerleading Sucks!

Kristian Lin
If you need a break from being outraged at everything Cliven Bundy says, be outraged at some of the things being alleged in the lawsuit brought by five Buffalo Bills cheerleaders against the cheerleading team’s management...

(wikipedia photo)

NFL’s Corporate Welfare Leading To Ancient Ruins

Jeff Prince
Much dismay has been expressed over the years about the National Football League’s billionaire owners wallowing in piles of money while demanding huge taxpayer giveaways, and the fact that the NFL enjoys nonprofit status ...


Cowboys, Broncos Try to Ruin Football

Everyone’s raving about the Broncos/Cowboys game. How exciting it was. How “entertaining,” to use a word that’s been bandied about zillions of times already, it was. Meh, if scoring touchdowns is the only thing that exc...