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Nancy Lamb: Social Butterfly with Bite

There’s more to this beloved Fort Worth artist than society satire.
Devon Nowlin
Nancy Lamb is a Fort Worth icon. If Facebook is a trustworthy barometer, she is perilously close to her limit of 5,000 friends –– she’s at 4,990 as of this writing –– so don’t try to friend her. Instead, like her pa...

Fort Worth Artist McKie Trotter Shines In Houston

Jeff Prince
The curious works of Fort Worth modernist painter and instructor McKie Trotter (1918-1999) will be exhibited in Houston for the next few weeks, and they’re worth seeing if you happen to be down that way. Williams Reaves F...


William Campbell Contemporary Art
Carol Benson has turned into a house painter in her new show at William Campbell Contemporary Art. Her works on wood or steel panels evoke the boxy shape of houses while also mimicking the texture of cloth, flowers, and other m...


Not to be confused with a similarly named wildlife painter from Idaho, Ron A. Cheek is the painter of some well-executed realistic renderings of still lifes and figures (mostly nudes). It’s the latter  Gallery, going on ...

Night and Day

WED ? 7 With the art world now in the midst of rediscovering James Ensor, now’s a great time to learn about this remarkable early-20th-century Belgian painter. Kimbell curator Bart Devolder gives a lecture entitled James ...