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Day Two: Joe Palazzolo V FWISD

Day two of Joe Palazzolo’s appeal of his termination last fall by Superintendent Melody Johnson got off to a good start for the beleaguered former assistant principal and whistleblower at Arlington Heights High School on Frid...

Highlights of the Palazzolo/AHHS Hearings

 “I was told early in the investigation by someone in the [administration] to be afraid of Mr. Palazzolo. …To ‘be careful.’” —Testimony from Margaret Renfro, recent graduate of Arlington Heights High School and a w...

TEA Hearings to Begin on Palazzolo Case

On January 27 at 9 in the morning, Texas Education Agency hearings will begin at the Fort Worth school district administration building in the case of the wrongful firing of former Arlington Heights High School assistant princ...

Whistle, Stopped

A school district investigation barely laid a glove on Joe Palazzolo but gave plenty of tips on how to silence whistleblowers.
In my 21 years in FWISD I have not worked with a finer AP than Joe Palazzolo. Mr. P is hard-working, on the job every hour of every day. He is proactive, consistent, fair, and has a wonderful sense of humor. … Our 9th grade t...

To No One’s Surprise, Whistleblower Gets the Axe

After numerous impassioned and emotional speeches on his behalf, the Fort Worth school board last night voted 6-3 to fire Joe Palazzolo, the embattled ex- assistant principal and whistleblower at Arlington Heights High School. ...

Palazzolo Files Whistleblower Lawsuit

In the first round of lawsuits that may be about to hit the district over what he believes are retaliatory actions taken against him for reporting violations of the law at Arlington Heights High School last year, former Heights...

It’s Official: Palazzolo’s Head is on Johnson’s Platter

At this coming Tuesday night’s school board meeting, Fort Worth schools superintendent Melody Johnson will recommend to the trustees that Joe Palazzolo, former assistant principal and the whistleblower in the Arlington Height...

Vindication, Retribution

Two reports on Arlington Heights High show just how deep the district’s problems run.
When Fort Worth school district officials last week released their investigative report on allegations of wrongdoing at Arlington Heights High School, the document confirmed almost every major allegation made about the Westside...

AHHS Administrators Illegal Activities Confirmed

The long-awaited Fort Worth schools’ investigative report into illegalities at Arlington Heights High School was released late yesterday evening and confirms the majority of the allegations of wrongdoing at that school first ...

Super Wants AHHS Whistleblower Fired

It is not official yet — the Fort Worth school trustees as well as a Texas Education Agency hearings examiner will still have to hear his case — but if they uphold district superintendent Melody Johnson’s recommendation, ...