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A GREAT DAY IN HARLEM (photo courtesy Wikipedia)

Early Fracktivists To Gather For Group Photo

Jeff Prince
“A Great Day in Harlem” is the photo at left that portrays 57 notable jazz musicians gathered in New York City in 1958. The picture is inspiring Fort Worth activist Don Young to attempt his own photo shoot. The foun...

Brave Combo headline Prairie Fest this Saturday.

Spring Out

All the good events this week are taking place outdoors, so let’s celebrate the mild weather and run down what’s happening. The festivities start on Thursday with the Granbury Wine Walk, because why should Grapevine have th...


Prairie Fest Illuminates Beauty Of Tandy Hills

Jeff Prince
If you missed last weekend’s 8th Annual Prairie Fest, don’t cry in your organic whole grain cereal. Crackerjack photographers are usually milling about and capturing the beauty and grace found in such abundance at t...

Prairie Fest Debuts New Old Look This Weekend

Jeff Prince
Prairie Fest — Fort Worth’s only large outdoor festival that isn’t a city-sponsored event or paid for by corporations — has gotten too big for its britches. What began seven years ago as a small celebrat...

Them’s Some Nasty Vines

Jeff Prince
Last week’s blog post about preparations for Prairie Fest included a picture of founder Don Young unloading hay bales, and I dubbed the playground area behind him “Phallic Symbol Park” because of, well, see th...

Tandy Hills Alive With Sound Of Music

Jeff Prince
As recently as a month ago, the unique, popular, and ultra-green Prairie Fest was in danger of going bye-bye forever. Five years of organizing the annual festival had taken a toll on founder Don Young and his dedicated voluntee...