Last week’s blog post about preparations for Prairie Fest included a picture of founder Don Young unloading hay bales, and I dubbed the playground area behind him “Phallic Symbol Park” because of, well, see the photo above.

I wasn’t the only one who noticed. Durango Texas blogged later that day about the unusual looking umbrellas, which were rolled up because of high winds. His photos were even more phallicky.


“You might think, looking at the picture, that some phallic symbols had been erected for the Prairie Fest, with the theme of the festival maybe being the Fertile Prairie, or something like that,” Durango wrote.

Well, when will it end?

Someone sent me this photo today, taken near Shady Valley Country Club in Arlington, depicting vines growing on a light pole with unusual results. There appears to be a lot of phalluses…uh…phallici…out there.



  1. It will end when you and Mr. Durango stop being bored. If this keeps up me and Prairie Fest are going to get a bad rep. Maybe you and Mr. Durango need girlfriends, or something.

  2. @Don: I have officially ceased and desisted from future phallic posts, which is why I listed “please don’t send me any more phallic photos” in the taglines.

    I can’t speak for Durango, whom I’ve never met, but I concur that I could use a girlfriend.

    As for Prairie Fest’s reputation (and your own) I can attest that both are upstanding (and that’s not a bad phallic pun).

  3. Here is my impersonation of the Durango guy. And it goes something like this:

    Fort Worth bad. Seattle good.

    The end.

  4. C’mon Don. You are saying these bloggers are boring? Got you to respond. Job well done Blotch. Does not always have to be about “drilling” does it? .

  5. Commenter “Geez” and anonymous right beforehand , well, there does appear to be a common theme to all these men and their efforts: speaking out in opposition to the people and their community getting screwed by ruthless politicians, bureaucrats, and autocrats of all sort who think they’re so impotant (insert Texas draawl!). Whether Fort Worth or Seattle, people don’t like getting shafted. You get my point, right?