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God is… Not!

Jimmy Fowler
Now that the group’s month-long billboard contract has expired, Metroplex Atheists a.k.a. Godless Secular Trouble in the Bible Belt (my tongue is firmly in cheek here) has decided not to renew its Atheist Billboard Campaign o...

“Heather X” Nabbed

Jimmy Fowler
I’m happy to hear that the first likely Tarrant County case of swine flu, a 12 year-old girl, is recovering with what seems to be minor symptoms. Given the way cable news outlets have shamelessly relied on the formula “big ...

Tempur-Pedic bliss

Jeff Prince
Anybody who has ever considered buying one of those fancy Tempur-Pedic mattresses might appreciate my recent experience. Until Sunday, I’d never bought a mattress in my life. I’ve slept on hand-me-down mattresses since movi...