Now that the group’s month-long billboard contract has expired, Metroplex Atheists a.k.a. Godless Secular Trouble in the Bible Belt (my tongue is firmly in cheek here) has decided not to renew its Atheist Billboard Campaign on highways in FW (I-35W at 28th St) and Dallas (I-35E at Northwest Hwy). Those “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone” signs were a success from their viewpoint – media coverage has been more widespread than Fox News fans at a Texas tea party, and non-believers came out of the closet to discuss their philosophies of life.

Metroplex Atheists ( is mulling a second phase of its awareness campaign that may or may not include purchasing ad space on area mass transit. In the meantime, let the church/state separation debate continue. Bible Belters, do your Christian duty and conduct respectful dialogue with an atheist – many non-believers employ the Golden Rule as their guiding principle, and that makes a better world for everyone. Atheists, do your ethical duty and chat with an open-minded Christian – you’ll find that faith doesn’t always equal brain-death, and that most of us are as scared of theocracy as you are.