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If Rick Perry Becomes President Can He Secede?

Jeff Prince
Gov. Rick Perry figured he’d make a fierce run at the presidency, win the Republican nomination, and then even if he somehow lost to Barack Obama a year from now, he’d return to Texas with a higher national profile,...

Apropos Oops

Jeff Prince
Gov. Rick Perry’s brain freeze during a recent debate has some Americans questioning his mental capability to lead this country. But in his defense, he did use the word “oops” correctly, according to this Slat...

Rick Perry: “Oops”

Kristian Lin
You know you want it. Here it is. First reaction: Wah wah wah! Second reaction: Did anyone think Rick Perry’s presidential campaign would end in quite this way? Third reaction: Love the assist in Perry’s destruction...

Perry’s “Private” Faith

Jimmy Fowler
I almost fell out of my chair while watching a CNN interview with Rick Perry’s wife Anita over the weekend. She declared that her family’s spiritual beliefs are “not something we blast out there. It’s something we tend ...

Rolling Stone Paints Sleazy Pic Of Perry

Jeff Prince
Gov. Rick Perry comes out pretty good in this article (if he were trying to convince Satan to let him into hell). Warning: You’ll feel like taking a long shower after reading Rolling Stone‘s latest summary of Perry&...

Is Rick Perry Dumb? Duh!

Jimmy Fowler
Ever since the website Politico published a story last month asking Is Rick Perry Dumb?, a flurry of media opinionators have declared the question unfair. There are different ways of being intelligent, they said. Not everyone h...

Arlington Micromanaging Texting Drivers?

Jeff Prince
Earlier this summer, Gov. Rick Perry vetoed legislation to ban texting while driving, calling it a “government effort to micromanage the behavior of adults.” Does that mean Arlington is micromanaging its citizenry? ...

Perry For Prez

Jeff Prince
In honor of Gov. Rick Perry confirming he’s a presidential candidate after first consulting with George W. Bush, somebody created this new Facebook page.

Point, Joel Burns; In Yo Face Rick Perry

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns tweeted something funny a minute ago: “If Gov. Perry becomes President of the United States, his case for Texas Secession becomes more compelling.”

Perry to Weigh Prez Run

Jimmy Fowler
So Rick Perry, after saying he was absolutely not going to run for president, just said this morning that he will consider running for leader of the free world after the state legislature adjourns. Perry has a history of crony...