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Point, Joel Burns; In Yo Face Rick Perry

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns tweeted something funny a minute ago: “If Gov. Perry becomes President of the United States, his case for Texas Secession becomes more compelling.”

Perry to Weigh Prez Run

Jimmy Fowler
So Rick Perry, after saying he was absolutely not going to run for president, just said this morning that he will consider running for leader of the free world after the state legislature adjourns. Perry has a history of crony...

Is Perry a Pinko Now?

Jimmy Fowler
Rick Perry has his panties in a wad over the federal government. Again. What did the Obama administration do this time? Surely they took away some hard-working Texan’s firearm, or ran some small business into the ground becau...

“Star-T”‘s Sad “Exclusive”

Jimmy Fowler
Have you seen the “exclusive,” “one-on-one,” and “revealing” interview with Rick Perry featured on today’s Star-Telegram website? It’s a blog post written by former Star-T reporter Kevin Lyons; he now lives in A...

Texas Budget Plan: Grab The Machete

Jeff Prince
Illinois is considering increasing its income tax by 66 percent in a desperate attempt to fix its budget. The move is expected to raise about $7 billion annually. Texans would storm the state capitol if anything like that happe...

Rick Perry? Really?

Jimmy Fowler
Rick Perry – “Texan of the Year.” Really, Dallas Morning News? The paper’s citation is given annually to “a Texan who has had an uncommon impact; who exemplifies Texas traits of trailblazing, independence, and...

Palin-Perry In 2012 Or In Our Worst Nightmare?

Jeff Prince
Sarah Palin and Gov. Rick Perry were hugging it up in Dallas yesterday. Loved this quote from Palin, who was speaking to a crowd of about 800 and mentioned Perry, who was there peddling books (please imagine Palin’s pierc...

President Rick Perry?

Jimmy Fowler
Although folks of a left-leaning persuasion have plenty to gripe about after Tuesday’s elections, the world continues to turn. Congressional Republicans are already willfully misreading the results as a mandate against Obama ...

Perry Weasels Out of Debate

Jimmy Fowler
Un-freakin’-believable. It looks like Gov. Goodhair has indeed weaseled his way out of a debate with Democratic rival Bill White because of Perry’s specious demand that White release tax returns from 1993-95 when he was dep...

The “Coward” Ad: Thoughts

Kristian Lin
By now you’ve probably seen the full-page ad, taken in out in various newspapers across Texas yesterday: Whatever you think of our governor, his tactics, or politics in general, this thing sure is attention-grabbing. That...