You know you want it. Here it is.

First reaction: Wah wah wah!


Second reaction: Did anyone think Rick Perry’s presidential campaign would end in quite this way?

Third reaction: Love the assist in Perry’s destruction from Ron Paul, who throughout this primary season has seemed more focused on bringing down Perry than on anything else. Nicely played, sir!

Fourth reaction: Once again, the voters of America wonder if Texas is capable of electing a governor who can form complete thoughts.

Fifth reaction: Herman Cain should send Perry a gift basket, or some coupons for free pizza. For the next day or so, everybody’s going to be talking about Perry’s gaffe instead of Cain’s sexual harassment history.

Sixth reaction: Kay Bailey Hutchison and Bill White must be thinking, “We couldn’t beat this guy?”

Seventh reaction: Actually, forget what they’re thinking. I want to know what Kinky Friedman is thinking.


  1. Thanks for putting the video up, it’s very hard to find. Why isn’t this getting more coverage?

    The Dallas Morning News only had three pages and an editorial, the cable news stations are only covering the event every 15 minutes. It’s becoming really clear that the right-wing controlled American media is in full blackout mode.