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Hypocricy Thy Name Is Rick Perry

Jeff Prince
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram article on the 11 propositions passed by voters yesterday contained a quote that would be funny ha-ha if it weren’t so funny weird/tragic. The story describes how Texans stood tall in favor of pro...

Palin, Perry Two Peas In A Pod

Jeff Prince
Gov. Rick Perry is yapping about Sarah Palin’s decision to campaign for his reelection. Makes sense donchaknow because political leaders in Alaska are just downhome folks with good moral fiber and strong Christian values donc...

Another Brick in Faux Wall

Jeff Prince
Last week’s edition of Fort Worth Weekly satirized a post-secession Texas and described a wall that the United States built along Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico to keep us out. Now those satirical goofballs ove...