Oh, lord. To borrow a phrase from Pres. Obama: The “silly season” of the Texas governor’s race has officially begun. Rick Perry revealed to the A.P. that he killed a coyote with one smooth shot while jogging in a hilly area near downtown Austin. This happened a couple of months ago, but he just now felt the need to inform the electorate of that man v. nature frontier confrontation – and his own (laser-aided) marksmanship.

Totally coincidentally, his opponent Bill White is pushing for televised debates. White has his own problems – he’s struggling to stay memorable to his fellow Democrats, not to mention independents – but he’s obviously smarter, more articulate, and more reasonable than our current guv. Perry’s handlers know this, so they’re playing the only card they have: To make their candidate an even bigger caricature than he’s already made himself. That way, at least, voters will have a firm impression of one choice when they enter the booth.

Unless White can come up with his own saga of family tragedy averted by instinctual use of firearms, the imbalance is clear: Perry has a bigger gun than White. Does the Obama-loving socialist who handed over the Houston mayor’s office to a godless lesbian even own a gun? This shit would be really, really funny – except that it works with large numbers of Texas voters.


  1. Hey that is a cheap shot. The AP interviewed him not that Perry released some press paper on the deal. if you have an issue with the media why don’t you just say so, and ask them why bill white hid $2.6 million in income from board service on BJ Services, Inc, (under federal investagation for not reporting required info, sounds fiimilar) while a full time 24/7 mayor of Houston? Nice part time work if you can get it.

  2. So what’s wrong with legally carrying a gun? And so what if he uses laser sights or open sights? Unfortunately we have invaded the coyotes natural habitat, I live right in the middle of a metroplex (pop. 3 million + ) and a coyote regularly runs the creek in our block. I let him be because he looks healthy and normal. If he ever begins to act weird ( rabies?) or aggressive (agains’t their normal behavior) I shoot him in a New York minute, with my open sights of course ! Yep, this blog is a cheap shot alright