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2016 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards

Fort Worth Weekly
Music Awards For this year’s Music Awards issue, we decided to do something different. Instead of a couple of sentences about each nominee –– all nine million of them –– we thought we’d take the temperature of the s...


Happy Trails, Robert

A reporter can become frustrated trying to interview Robert Gallagher. The longtime entertainment director at Billy Bob’s Texas is naturally funny, gregarious, and well- spoken. He’s full of stories. Sit down with him over ...


Robert Gallagher to step down as Entertainment Director of Billy Bob’s

Eric Griffey
Billy Bob’s Texas announced on its website today that Robert Gallagher, who has worked at the world’s largest honky-tonk for 27 years, is stepping down as entertainment director. The release said he wanted to spend ...

DeAnne Moore Woos White Elephant

Jeff Prince
DeAnne Moore‘s forecast called for stormy ballads and a strong chance of playful country music, and she delivered both last night to advance in the 7th Annual Texas Music Showdown at White Elephant Saloon. Oops, I came up...