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Miley Cyrus Twerks, Tongues MTV VMA Show

Jeff Prince
USA Today called it “embarrassingly raunchy.” The online community is brutal this morning. Kelly Clarkson, without mentioning names, referred to the “pitchy strippers” on stage at the VMAs. Outrage aboun...

Greatest Guitarists of All Time?

Anthony Mariani
To Rolling Stone’s credit, founder Jann Wenner and company know how to get people talking, often constructively, always passionately, which is borderline amazing, considering that the same publication whose editors recently p...

Rolling Stone Paints Sleazy Pic Of Perry

Jeff Prince
Gov. Rick Perry comes out pretty good in this article (if he were trying to convince Satan to let him into hell). Warning: You’ll feel like taking a long shower after reading Rolling Stone‘s latest summary of Perry&...

Who’s The New John Lennon?

Jeff Prince
Today’ marks the 30th anniversary of the assassination of pop music’s greatest peace advocate. Rolling Stone is featuring John Lennon on the cover along with a story written from a nine-hour interview he gave just t...

Will Hunt in Rolling Stone

Anthony Mariani
Last year, we did a story about Fort Worth producer Will Hunt, who has worked with, among other artists, The Burning Hotels, Green River Ordinance, and The Polyphonic Spree, and who, as the story informs you, was working with E...

Rolling Stone Mag Praises Fort Worth Band

Anthony Mariani
Say what you will about Rolling Stone –– that it’s basically a celebrity rag with a few album reviews in it, that it hasn’t been relevant in, oh, about 900 years –– but the 850-year-old magazine is still the last wo...

The Day The Music Mag Died

Jeff Prince
Mainstream news dailies such as the Fort Worth Star-Telegram aren’t the only publications hanging on for dear life during this transition from Old Media to the brave new frontier. I say “brave” because you’ve got to be ...