USA Today called it “embarrassingly raunchy.”

The online community is brutal this morning.

Kelly Clarkson, without mentioning names, referred to the “pitchy strippers” on stage at the VMAs.


Outrage abounds!

And former cute-as-a-button Hannah Montana actress Miley Cyrus is probably feeling great.

She’s the talk of the country today, being shown wielding her tongue like a stage prop on every TV news show after her twerk-filled performance on last night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Cyrus got the notoriety she craved and she didn’t even have to grow a bad mullet like her dad to get the attention.

She’s been raunching it up for a while now, but If there were any doubt, there ain’t no mo’ — Cyrus is an adult woman and nobody can do anything about it.

The furor recalls a time when everyone was partying like it was 1999 — because it was 1999. Britney Spears outraged America that year by posing on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a bra and shorts, serving notice that everyone’s favorite Mouseketeer had grown from bubblegummer to sexpot.

She was 17.

Cyrus is 20.

Hannah Montana is now Hannah Vegas Strip.

But she’ll be okay. After all, things worked out well for Spears … other than the eventual onstage meltdowns, drug problems, rehab, self-administered haircuts, losing custody of her children, and the communication skills of Randle P. McMurphy after his second treatment.



  1. I didn’t get the outrage at all by Miley’s act at the VMA. Let’s see, she is a 20-year-old woman in the entertainment industry and she is looking to get attention so that she makes more money and moves up in the business. So she plays the sex act up, and bounces around on stage for a few minutes. People act like this hasn’t happened before? When hasn’t it happened? Go back and look at the movie business in the 19-teens and 20s. Watch “Citizen Kane.” Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing up. Wendy Wiliams of The Plasmatics. Could go on and on. I just hate the idiots who posture that “this stuff is so horrible and no one did that in my day.” Yes they did. And you watched back then and you still do now. I don’t mind people having their own opinions, but they can’t have their own facts as well.

  2. A couple of years ago everybody was bent out of shape over the women on Jersey Shore. Now it’s Miley Cyrus. It’ll be someoby else next time. the thing about the VMA performance that bugged me wasn’t Miley’s stripper act,. it was that she can’t sing or dance and she looks anorexic and unsexy. Why do we care about this person? Oh yeah she was a teeny bopper with a TV show who stole our kids’ hearts and now they like her and so we hate to see her turn into a crack ho.