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The Best Horror Films of 2009

Kristian Lin
Why horror? I just happened to notice a bunch of interesting films in the genre this year. (That will be a theme in my upcoming future posts as well: stuff I happened to notice.) Personally, I found Observe and Report scarier t...

Come Together

Matt Skates has been a fixture on the Fort Worth music scene for years. He plays bass currently in seven local bands: Ginny Mac, Katsük, Shuttle, 57 Sauce, End of the World Parade, Skin and Bones Drum Cult, and Panther City Ba...

Let’s Dance

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s ”Music” feature profiles bassist Matt Skates’ newest musical baby Shuttle, a trio that spins thoughtful, vaguely jazz-ish, but urgently rump-swaying live dance music that can best be described as “nu-disco...