This week’s ”Music” feature profiles bassist Matt Skates’ newest musical baby Shuttle, a trio that spins thoughtful, vaguely jazz-ish, but urgently rump-swaying live dance music that can best be described as “nu-disco,” a genre lucidly explored in this piece by Phillip Sherburne.

Two of Shuttle’s big influences are Brooklyn’s Metro Area, which features the decidedly funk-based musings of super producers Morgan Deist and Darshan Jesrani, and Norway’s Lindstrom aka Hans Peter Lindstrom, who weaves softer, cooler, more ambient sonics… unless he’s collaborating with fellow Norwegian Prins Thomas, in which case the dance attack gets more deliberate (if no less sci fi in scope).

Keep an eye on Shuttle’s MySpace page for one or more upcoming September shows in the Fort. And as always, be prudent when the urge to get your freak on seems overwhelming. Take this lady’s sage advice, simmer down a little, and just move your hips to the rhythm from left to right.