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Tiny but powerful, the Dead Sea Scrolls date as far back as 2,520 years.

Dead Sea Scrolls

No matter your beliefs, ancient history fans should not miss this exhibit.
One of the largest, most comprehensive exhibitions of Dead Sea Scroll fragments ever shown, and the largest ever in Texas, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Dead Sea Scrolls & the Bible: Ancient Artifacts, Timel...

“Eat Mor Chikin” Sayeth the Lord

Jimmy Fowler
Guess what some of the great minds at Fort Worth’s Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary are focused on today. If you said “contemplating the trinity” or “debating Jesus’ human and divine natures,” you would be ...

Southwestern Baptist: “Gay Begone!”

Jimmy Fowler
For a textbook example of how religion can make adults behave like snotty little brats, let’s look at the case of Fort Worth’s Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. They reportedly want to evict an affiliation of loc...