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Star-Telegram’s Best Boo Boo

Jeff Prince
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram bragged on itself in this article after being named the best online newspaper by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors. And there’s an editing error in the first paragraph. The lede note...

A New Definition of “Roving Reporter”

Gayle Reaves
It’s one of those things you thought you’d never actually see, like pigs flying, the Rangers in the World Series, falling ice being a health hazard at a local sports arena. The Star-Telegram posted the story on its web site...

Star-T’s Top “Local” Albums from Dallas, Denton

Anthony Mariani
Anyone else a little disheartened if not downright perturbed that Fort Worth Star-Telegram pop music critic Preston Jones’ top five “local” albums of 2010 includes only one album from a Fort Worth-based band, The Orbans...

The Star-T’s Intellectual Fraudulence Problem

Anthony Mariani
Readers shouldn’t expect much from the Star-Telegram’s arts and entertainment section. With the exception of film critic Chris Kelly’s work, most of the writing is pretty chummy and seems tossed off. Some of it is painful...

S-T Wants More Holiday Money

Many of us were sort of surprised on Thanksgiving when we went to buy our morning Fort Worth Star-Telegram. They recently raised prices for the weekday edition to $1, and some of us were getting used to that. But the Thursday p...

Kids Under 12 Drink Free!

Anthony Mariani
Yep. You missed it.

DFW Versus FWD

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth’s longtime rivalry with Dallas isn’t as contentious as it was in the old days, but the feud still percolates now and again. On Monday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram blog site, Crime Time, posted an article under t...